TIMSUN TS-500 120-70-17
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TIMSUN TS-500 120-70-17

  • Good grip on Wet Surfaces on-road
  • Zero road noise
  • High Mileage with good performance
  • Fresh 2021 Production¬†
  • USA Dot Approved

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Product Details

1. There are several grooves on the tread and side of tread, which ensures the excellent waiter-drainage ability in straight line or slight inclination.

2. Meantime, the distance between the groove is optimized to ensure the excellent mileage performance;

3. The design of gradually increasing pattern groove width and gradually shallower pattern depth from tread to shoulder allows effective drainage under wet pavement conditions;

4. The development idea is mainly applicable to customers’ daily commuting.


TIMSUN accept an OEM from a tire maker attached to a famous motorbike manufacturer in Japan. It adopts a tire pattern suitable for road conditions and rider needs, it can be used with high quality with confidence. It is a motorcycle tire which also cleared the strict specifications of Europe and the United States including manufacturing DOT at the certification factory which acquired Japanese JIS standard, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
Learn More about Timsun From  www.timsun.pk .

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