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We Have Answered Some Frequent Questions You Guys Keep Asking

What air pressure we should use in tire?

Max air pressure is mentioned on side wall of tire and you can use 3 to 4 psi less air pressure then max air pressure

"It is relatively an unknown brand, How do we judge its quality"?

Well , To Your Surprise Timsun Is The Most Popular Tyre Brand Among Riders In Pakistan Because of Its Excellent Quality as well As Largest Inventory of 150+ Different Sizes And Patterns But Still as they say it, ride it to believe. We guarantee, your satisfaction levels will be extremely high and thrilling !!!

Can 100 90 18 install on YBRG , GS150 , CB150 , GR150 ?

Yes 100/90/18 can be installed On All Of Them Even 110/90/18 Can also Be Installed On CB150 & GS150 .

Where can I find out when tires are manufactured?

Please check the 4-digit engraving on the sidewall. (Example) 3021 ・ ・ ・ Production in the 30th week of 2021

Is timsun brand made in china?

Yes , Timsun is made in china holding quality international certifications like USA DOT Certified , J.I.S , ISO9001 , E MARK , ISI and many more.

What is Street High Grip?

The "Street High Grip" series pursues the ultimate balance between grip and wear resistance and wet grip.

"Is Timsun brand, a soft or a hard compound Tyre"?

All Timsun tyres comes with soft compound rubber and the grade of softness varies from model to model based on the purpose of it.

"Is Timsun Tyres , BIAS build or Radial Build mode"?

All Timsun tyres are BIAS built soft compound tyres with high tensile nylon tyres.

"What are the Pros and Cons of BIAS & RADIAL Tyres"?

Radials are best option for smooth finished road conditions in high speeds specially above 200 kmph and racing kind of situation as the rolling resistance of Radial tyres would be comparatively lower in Radial tyres. As the radial tyre side walls are comparatively weaker, the performance of a Radial tyre would not be satisfactory in off road or broken road conditions. A BIAS built tyre can handle such situations much better with the better side walls.